Mount Athos

Here are a series of paintings, drawings, iPad drawings and diary entries from 3 visits over a calendar year where I lived and worked in the Orthodox monastic world of Mount Athos in 2013 and 2014. An exhibition is currently on show at the Mount Athos Centre is Thessaloniki is on until February 2015.

Catalogue Cover

Catalogue Cover


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012


  1. Gill Hylson-Smith

    Thanks so much for letting us know. Did you see Luke ( Philotheos ) again? i am amazed to see cats ( or dogs ? ) as I thought they were n’t allowed on the place? Is it softening up? Women next?

    Best wishes for the exhibition Gill >

  2. Hi Gill, it would be great to come and see you again? I am waiting until I have the catalogue here in the UK and I will knock on your door?
    Hope you are well,

  3. hi tim what app do you use to create your artwork?

  4. Hi Stewart, I use Brushes2 or Brushes3, I also like sketchbook pro or paper 53, cheers

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