Day 6

02.08.12 Yesterday I drew large scale scenes, today I have been concentrating on small details. You can discover as much about the identity of a games by looking closer and trying to find surprises in the landscape.

In Beijing 4 years ago I celebrated the way small businesses and communities flaunted IOC rules by interpreting the Olympic rings and mascots in many different ways. In London, small businesses were warned that if they were found reproducing the Olympic rings in any form they would be prosecuted. As a result there is evidence of lots of bunting and Union Jacks (continuing on from the Diamond Jubilee) but the creativity and inventiveness of visually celebrating the games is harder to find. Each host nation has its own visual language and identity, and it is these individual interpretations that can define the look and feel of a games. Quirkiness is great to draw and I’ll remember the five hula rings in the shop front or five worn out car tyres in a car wash as fondly as the giant rings above Tower Bridge.

(These drawings were made in North East London, and I have combined elements from more than one place to make them so as not to expose any individual.)


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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