Day 5

01.08.12 I want my drawings to have a sense of scale. To give the impression of just how big and all-consuming the Games are. Sponsors’ advertising is no longer confined to billboards and bus stops: they can wrap buildings the size of a football pitches. One of the first things you see when you come into Stratford International on the Underground is the panorama of wrapped buildings. Gillette have covered more than 60 floors, over 3 tower blocks. BMW have wrapped Stratford’s old council offices. Adidas welcomes the world to Team GB House in the new Westfield Centre. Not everyone likes it but you can’t avoid it. Images have been designed specifically for the walls they cover. Superstar athletes stand 30 metres high and when you stand back and watch fans pouring out of packed trains every 60 seconds you realize just what an impact the Olympic Games have on an urban landscape. I have spent the day within 1 kilometre of the station and the three drawings face East, South and West. Every time I changed my view by 90º a new building came into view. The logos on the buildings change in each picture but the swarms of people are all heading one way, into the Olympic Park.

When you draw with an iPad you have work its limitations. Yes there are millions of colours and amazing screen resolution, but when you are trying to record a busy scene you have to edit. The size of the screen and the tools you have to draw with, ie your finger or a rather crude stylus, means you can get an impression of what you see, but you can’t get stuck on detail.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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