Day 3

30.07.12 Monday morning and the Olympic Games meets ‘working’ London for TFL’s biggest test so far. I was at London Bridge at 9am where overland trains join the underground. TV crews interview commuters and fans, while Boris’ voice reminds me not to get ‘caught out by the games’ every 15 minutes. Volunteers in magenta shirts guide your every step, while the police (via Network Rail) try to tell me I can’t draw in a public space without their permission. I carry on regardless once it is clear my iPad does not pose a threat to National Security.

I then head for St.Pancras where Eurostar brings fans from all over Europe into London and the Javelin train hurls them straight into Stratford. What an amazing place St Pancras has become. It is like an international airport has been wrapped around William Barlow’s Victorian Train Shed and George Scott’s Midland Grand Hotel. I started this drawing a couple of weeks ago before the games had begun, and wanted to go back with themes in full flow to complete it.

I could spend all day day drawing figures interacting with the city, but there is a reason they all all here and I need to see some sport. So I am going to join them and navigate my way across the city to Greenwich to see the Equestrianism Cross Country.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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