Day 4

31.07.12 After battling my way through the busy transport system in the morning, Monday afternoon ended gently, watching the Equestrian Cross Country and the synchronised diving on a big screen in Greenwich by the Maritime Museum.

Deckchairs, Pimms, Union flags and gentle applause greeted every jump and dive. It was an oasis of calm surrounded by the frantic matrix of events that is the Olympic Games.

Yesterday morning the clouds are low and I didn’t fancy another battle with TFL. So I concentrated on the boundaries around the Olympic Park. Turn right when you arrive at Stratford International and volunteers with foam Magenta hands and megaphones guide you through the brand new Westfield Shopping centre to the Park itself. Turn left and head down the High Street and you get a sense of what the area was like before the Olympics landed on the doorstep. The Carpenters Road tower blocks are where the BBC and al-Jazeera broadcast from. There is a pub right underneath them that is appropriately called The Builders Arms’. This pub is unremarkable architecturally but, when you see what surrounds it, it is extraordinary that it has survived at all. I planned this drawing carefully, considering how it would play back as a video. Using the narrative of the drawing I wanted to place the pub on the page first, then reveal the changes all around as the area was transformed. Gradually more and more buildings appear until the pub, once the centre of attention, is now consumed by new architecture.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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