Day -2

Over the last month the Times official artist has been using an iPad to capture the atmosphere of the Olympic games. In the run up to the opening ceremony tonight Tim Vyner, a 48 year old illustrator from Bath, has been following the torch and going to preparatory events as well as watching London transform itself into a host city. And now the games are here it is going to be an amazing two weeks of competition where the Times is using digital illustration to create a unique snapshot of London 2012.

‘The iPad is a great sketchbook, and drawing with light has a magical quality. It is incredibly quick, with beautiful resolution, and the technology allows you to publish in real time. There is a spontaneity about the drawings that I really like and hopefully working as a reportage artist, capturing moments as they happen, will give readers a sense of being in London at a remarkable time’.

‘Each illustration has it’s own surprising narrative. I will be creating videos of the sketches that record the history of each drawing using the ‘brushes’ app. I have been thinking carefully about the order of each line I draw so when they play back they add to the drama of the moment’.
Scale is such an important part of the Olympic Games and one challenge is to try to record the range of sport and activities that is taking place onto a small screen. ‘I am looking for broad vantage points as well as fleeting moments of detail’.

Tim Vyner who teaches at Bath Spa University will be producing up to three scenes a day that will be uploaded to the Times iPad edition and in print.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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