Day 14

10.08.12 It was always important to me throughout this project to record the Olympic Games first hand. Thursday night was a surreal evening in Victoria park, Hackney, where I stood in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium watching Jamaica’s clean sweep in the 200 metres final on a giant screen less than a mile away from where the contest was taking place. Thousands of fans, such as myself, went to experience the atmosphere of the park with live music, zip wires and a ferris wheel on a beautiful evening. We witnessed an incredible race as the sun set behind the park. We were close enough to see the blimp that provides the aerial pictures from the stadium.

Even though were not in the stadium and watched Usain Bolt win on a screen, I still had the feeling of being at a live sporting event. We could even hear the noise of two crowds, one in Victoria Park and the other in the stadium.

I have tried to do all my drawings directly on location for this project not relying on photography as second hand reference. Photography is a really useful resource for me, and I use it in my work all the time in the studio as visual research and as collage. But for this particularly intensive experience over the last two weeks I have tried to keep the drawings as close to the act of being there as I could make them.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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