Day 15

12.08.12 In the last two weeks I have drawn the boundaries of the Games, the transport hubs, the athletes, the crowds, the sponsors, the stadiums and some of the events that have popped up all over the city. I have tried to communicate the feeling and atmosphere of London 2012 by drawing in light on an iPad in real time.

The challenge was to capture the scale of the Olympics on such a small canvas. In my first drawing, on the eve of the opening ceremony, I was stood on the 22nd floor of a tower block looking across the East End with the Olympic Park in the distance. On Saturday night I was sitting on the inside of the stadium and witnessed an incredible night of athletics, where Mo Farah’s second gold in the 5000 metres was a sporting high I will always remember.

I never set out to draw the sport. But as the sun set beneath the stadium and the race unfolded, a wall of noise followed him around the track was matched by a Mexican wave of flash photography. You can see this drawing as a video online and follow the lights around the stadium and hear the incredible noise the crowd created on Mo’s final triumphant lap.

Earlier in the day I was in Wembley for the men’s football final between Brazil and Mexico. Another drawing shows the humour and colour we can expect in Rio. I can’t say what I’ll be using to draw on, I may even use my pencils, but already I can’t wait for it to start.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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