Day 13

09.08.12 The Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome and the ArcelorMittel Orbit are here to stay, but many other temporary venues have contributed so much to the atmosphere and identity of the Olympic park. The Riverside Arena, where the Hockey tournament has gained momentum in this second week, will be relocated to Eton Manor after the games. The Basketball arena will be dismantled, packed up and will appear again in Rio  de Janeiro in 2016. The Water Polo Arena is to be taken down and the materials will be re-used or recycled.

The reportage drawings I have been making throughout the games make up a record of an extraordinary time in the history of East London.

In this brief moment when the attention of the world is focused on the Olympic Park, I want to recognise the fact that this area was not like this a month ago, it will be different again in the 17 day break between the Olympic and the Paralympic Games and it will never be the same again after that. So this morning on a beautiful blue sky day, with conversations about great Team GB performances over the last week, there is a mood of optimism on a balmy summer day that makes it a privilege to be here.

I am looking forward to visiting this area again in a year’s time to see what it is like when the extra-ordinary moment in its past is over and a new chapter for this amazing location begins.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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