Day 12

Its all about the fans. Everyone who visits the Olympic Park goes home with a series of memories of their time there. Having spent a few days in the Olympic park now it is striking how mixed and open it is. Fans mingle with athletes, celebrities and broadcasters all on their way to ticketed events. Everyone is dressed for the occasion, snapping souvenir photographs on smart phones, cameras and iPads.

I set out yesterday just to draw the fans. The challenge when drawing figures is capturing a moving target. It is different to painting a model in a life room, which requires particular observational skills to understand the figure. Drawing on location requires you to look closely and record a memory of what you see. Some of the fans included in the drawings I only saw for a few seconds and then they were lost in the crowd. I try to capture the moment by working quickly and referencing something unique about each figure (maybe what they wore or what they were doing.) is enough to capture the moment.

I started with an open sketchbook page on the screen as a way of framing the drawing. The blank page (or screen) is like the starting line for an athlete. It is easy to get nervous, but just like all athletes here, the more you train, the less frightened you are and the greater the reward.

The pages reproduced here are stills from the drawing at different stages throughout the day. The online video plays back the history of the drawing and the audio is taken directly from my iPad as I was drawing, so the voices you hear are the faces you see.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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  1. Hi Tim, I’m the GB superhero you drew on day 12 of the olympics! Was amazed when I saw the picture published in the Times shortly after. I agree completely, the fans and the interactions between them and their surroundings had a huge effect on the atmosphere of the games. Look forward to seeing your drawings for Rio in 2016!

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