Day 11

07.08.12 What a morning! Two months earlier I was drawing the Blenheim Palace Triathlon, which provided a beautiful backdrop for Alastair Brownlee’s comeback race after a long term injury. The men’s Olympic Triathlon in Hyde Park today had an unbelievable backdrop with an amazing atmosphere. Crowds lined the streets ten-deep from Buckingham Palace to the Serpentine. Jonny Brownlee incurred a 15 second penalty during the race that nearly cost him a medal and he pushed himself incredibly beyond the limit. My own penalty was to get stuck in an underpass at Hyde Park Corner with the sheer number of people, no way in or out. It nearly cost me today’s drawings.

What appeals to me about drawing with an iPad is the speed in which my drawings can be published, but it relies on access to wifi on location so I can send them as soon as they are made. Once I got back to Piccadilly I stopped at the Athenium Hotel and asked if I could sit quietly in a corner to send todays drawings. (They directed me to the Whisky Bar where I managed to send them.)

From there I moved on to the Ritz to draw VIP delegates going from the hotel to the Stratford in chauffeur-driven cars. It was here I overheard a conversation between delegates that went: “That was an amazing race. The nearest I get to a triathlon is a starter, main course and dessert!” What a difference an hour makes!


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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