Day 10

06.08.12 I spent the first week of the Games experiencing the edges of London 2012. This weekend I switched my attention to the Olympic Park. I can travel from St Pancras to Stratford in seven minutes on the Javelin train and be in the park ten minutes later. Volunteers, soldiers and police line the streets and guide you to your destination. The park itself is in full bloom and it is a triumph of human achievement (I have to keep reminding myself it has happened in London). It is much more compact than Beijing 08, but it is equally crowded and positive, with so many people wrapped in Union Jacks, Team GB ‘onesies’, and wigs. There are tracksuits from around the world, as athletes and coaches mingle with fans from around the world all savouring the unique atmosphere of the Olympic Games.

On Saturday night during that famous hour I wandered around the perimeter the stadium absorbing the waves of sound coming from inside as Jessica Ennis completed her 800m heptathlon victory run. Then I watched Mo Farah’s emotional 10,000m on the Park Live screen on the River Lea, surrounded by fans who had stayed behind to share the experience. Sometimes a drawing takes a few minutes but is the culmination of a full days experience. As Farah crossed the line I was frantically drawing figures not worrying about accuracy, just trying to capture a snapshot of a moment of history.


About timvyner

Reportage Artist and The Times Newspaper Olympic Artist, London 2012

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